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Its been a wild ride!

As always, the PG World Championships was an unforgettable venue!! To go down there and defeat the Banditos and Canes Americans to clinch the pool championship was definitely storybook. We battled hard vs. the Astros Scout team losing 2 -0 in the playoffs, but we definitely have a great sense of pride and respect for what was accomplished. You could give me 18 draftable players and I’m not sure if we could have won 12 of our first 13 PG games this fall. I’ve had a couple more talented teams that have accomplished a lot, but I’ve NEVER seen a run like this before. This group was all about EACH OTHER from the start of the fall and only cared about what the TEAM accomplished. So many goals were attained and I absolutely hate seeing this journey come to an end with this group. These boys truly gave the coaches everything they had. To win at this level from our region can only be done with special players that are being raised the right way by their parents. Words like selfishness and “ME” don’t exist on this team. LOVE, LOYALTY, SACRIFICE, and COMMITMENT are words that define this group!


Thank you, boys, for adding to the CP Legacy:

  • PG Pool Championships 24, 25, & 26
  • 7-0 Championship run at the Florida World Qualifier
  • Elite 8 run in the ATL World Qualifier
  • (2) playoff nail-biter losses to Top Organizations in America
  • And a handful of you helped last year(2017) lead us to the World Qualifier championship game and an invite to the Worlds

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